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“Science can flourish only in an atmosphere of free speech.”  –Albert Einstein

I am wondering

– why many opinions, including well founded scientific information that does not follow the current mainstream narrative, is being widely censored.
– why in the past any medical experiment that caused approximately 25-50 deaths was immediately suspended, yet the slogan to stick a needle into every person’s arm continues. The currently used injection has already caused way more than 10,000 deaths and over ½ million adverse reactions.
– why there is such a strong push to jab children. Children have a very low risk of contracting the disease and if they do, they recover well. Last week in NSW, Australia, 24,000 children were herded into a stadium to receive the injection (no parents allowed). To my knowledge, at least three of the children already died.
– why healthy people are being tested for a potential disease. In the past, have you ever gone to the doctor when you felt well and asked to be tested to find out if you had the flu?
– why a test is being used as a diagnostic tool that was designed for research ONLY and never intended to be used for diagnosis.
– why many professions including medical staff are being threatened with investigations, sanctions, losing their job and/or license when they dare to voice their professional opinion that does not follow the mainstream narrative.
– why rewards are being offered for the “compliant” population. For example, “Rewards for Change”, sponsored by “Grassroots organizations, healthcare professionals and Canada’s best-known corporations”, offers a draw worth over $500,000 in prizes for entries by v… persons. Confusing medicine with politics is unethical and dangerous.
– why the global developments continue even though they are violating all 10 principles of the Nuremberg Code. Violating the Nuremberg Code carries the death penalty.
– why some pharmacists refuse to fill prescriptions for medication that is known to support someone in case they contract the virus. Since when have pharmacists the right to question doctors’ decisions? And yes, this is also happening in Grande Prairie.
– why are proven treatments being withheld from us and certain natural products known to support immune function and the respiratory system being taken off the market.
– why so many things do not make any sense, yet people do not or choose not to see it.

Have YOU ever wondered why?

Stay strong, stay well, and take back your power. The facts are readily available including on official (government) websites.

Green blessings,


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