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“Joy is prayer.

Joy is strength.

Joy is love.

She who gives with joy gives most.”

– Mother Teresa

Gudrun as a Healer

“You have been such a gift in my life and my own healing path. Can’t tell you how much of my current state of wellness and strength I owe to my relationship and learning from you. So, never forget that ALL you do – REALLY MATTERS – to so many of us out here in the cosmic storms.”
– Kathy Andersen

“Dear Gudrun,

The word that comes to mind when I think of you is trusting knowledgeable healer.
But also there is an aura of peace that translates from you to me. This natural energy
brings joy and happiness that gives me strength. In turn I feel positive and strong to
accept the ebbs and flow of my days. Thank you for being a wonderful assistant on my journey.”
– Hennia Semenchuk

“I have been consulting Gudrun for several years.

She is always learning, researching and she consults others who may have knowledge that would help her clients. Gudrun gently emphasizes the need for an individual to take responsibility for their wellness through the implementation of daily lifestyle changes. Through this approach we experience the best possible outcome.

Gudrun brings integrity, humility, a generosity of spirit and joy to everyone who knows her.”
– Catherine McLaughlin

“I have had the opportunity to experience several reflexology treatments with Gudrun. Each time I was amazed about the intensity and emotions the treatments triggered. I always left feeling very peaceful. I am always looking forward to the opportunity for my next treatment with Gudrun.”
– Michael Schurzmann., MD,
Berlin, Germany

“As a mechanic, I am constantly putting my body and health to the test. I have been in this profession for twenty plus years, from my early teens, without much time off for good behaviour, I am now forty years young.

For the past three years I have been seeing Gudrun and we have been working with reflexology, light therapy, and the Bach Flowers. In this time I have seen a dramatic improvement in both my general health, and relief from chronic pain.

It would be hard for you to imagine what I was like before my treatments began; but there were times when I had to roll out of bed in the morning, onto my hands and knees, because I literally could not push myself upright. I had been living with this pain for what seems like years, believing that it was just “the way it had to be”, I know better now!!

I can only speak from my own experience of the gentle, supportive healing I have undergone; Gudrun has offered me the chance to enjoy living in my body again, and I continue to be amazed and humbled by the work she does.”
– Ron S.

Gudrun as a Teacher

“Want to thank you for the herb walk on Monday, it was a great day. And for the prayer circle…I’ve come to realize how much I appreciate ceremony, how grounded I am afterwards. Something I can barely put into words.

I’ve attached a couple pics of you from the walk, I love them! I think they truly show your spirit, and your passion for what you do… the wise woman! And I have to say, I love and respect you more each time I work with you. Gratitude!
– Marian S.

“To anyone who is considering spending time with Gudrun Penselin, do yourself a favor and don’t miss it. She is a gifted teacher and healer and can open up a world of possibilities for you. She quickly becomes not only your teacher but also your friend. She is willing to make her knowledge available to you should you need her help. As she herself says, “She is just a phone call away.”
– Dayle S., West Vancouver, B.C.

“What I experienced from Gudrun’s course was surprising to me. By experiencing and sharing the very real and deep emotions of  those of us in the course, simply by using the tools Gudrun gave us, I am learning the power, yet subtleties of nature.’  Bye for now.”
– Kelly L., Vancouver

Bach Flowers Unfolding

“The marvelous deck of cards you created, Bach Flowers Unfolding, are a gift one can keep opening and a tool of transformation, in the sense that they bring us into complete harmony with our own intrinsic essence by removing self imposed limitations and helping us access our potential as human beings.

To live in a state of balance is a blessing, because it is from this place that we can be truly of benefit to others in our lives. In so doing, the BACH FLOWERS UNFOLDING Cards are real friends, assisting us on the path of healing, wherever we are. Your work is very inspiring indeed, Gudrun! Thank you so much for the wisdom they carry, and for their beauty.”
– Margrith Schraner., Nelson, B.C.

“Gudrun’s mini experiential workshop using her beautifully crafted cards was unexpectedly rich.  The cards contain loving messages that gently reframe the life perspectives we carry that hinder our spiritual growth.  I particularly enjoyed the giving and receiving of intuitive input from a classmate on what aspects of each other could be gleaned from the cards we selected.  This process was a challenging ‘stretch’ yielding unlooked for treasures.”
– Holly W., Vancouver


 “It has been my distinct privilege to have known Gudrun for the past 20 or more years. She rescued me from a ditch one wintery night after I had unwisely driven myself off the road in the darkness. I can’t even begin to think of the many ways my life has been changed for the meeting.

Gudrun, like the Bach Flowers themselves, is a work unfolding. She teaches by example all the things we as mortals struggle to learn on our many paths. For some it could be said that is enough to live a life dedicated to one cause or another; to fill a life with one’s children or career. This is not so for Gudrun. She is a woman who exemplifies the greatest dedication to a life lived fully in service to others. I look at her as a Mother, and see a woman totally in love with her role as a mother to her children and partner to her husband. I look at her as a business woman, and see one who has a clearly defined objective and pursues it without deviation. I see her as a healer and friend to those around her and the Earth itself, and am constantly inspired to strengthen my own commitment to living a life based in Love, (note the upper case), and the singular dedication to the much needed healing of this Earth and its people.”
– Lana Schramm

“When you meet someone in the classroom setting it ensures a couple of things – you have a common area of interest and you are open to new ideas.

After several class hours together Gudrun and I began to realize our interests and openness found us following the same threads. I marvel at how Gudrun always knew/ knows what fiber to weave in next.

When I was totally frayed at exam times her support helped to mend a belief in myself. Over the years she’s encouraged me to trust more and has been there when I have forgotten how.

I am one who wants credible knowledge and skills and admire Gudrun’s enthusiasm for seeking knowledge, but it’s her ability to bring pure love to her work that is the brilliant light of inspiration to me. Gudrun is one of those rare blessings that come into one’s life to touch deeply and awaken your inner knowingness.

We’ve graduated many lessons since then. We’re open to new experiences and weaving them into our unique tapestry, a multi-textured and beautifully colored tapestry of friendship.

So, here I sit, in the classroom of life, feeling thankful for the gifts of light and love that my friend Gudrun shares so freely.”
– Paula Marie Skalnek, Vancouver