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Speaking Engagements

“I slept, and I dreamt that life was all joy.
I woke, and saw that life was but service.
I served and discovered that service was joy.”

– Rabindranath Tagore

Gudrun is a dynamic speaker and teacher. She has presented and given public talks and facilitated workshops in Canada and the US at various occasions, for example Frontier Herb Fest in Iowa; 50th Anniversary of the Annual Herb Conference of Dominion Herbal College, British Columbia; Alberta Agriculture Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA), Calgary Health Expo and Victoria Wellness Show. In October of this year she will be a guest speaker and facilitate a workshop at the 12th Annual International Iridology & Integrative Healthcare Congress in Cincinnati.

Gudrun offers a wide range of topics for her presentations, adjusting the contents and style for each individual occasion. She draws on her life experiences as well as over 25 years of practicing and teaching complementary health. She is available to speak on a variety of topics and very much looks forward to sharing her knowledge and experience with you, be it in the form of a, speaking engagement, teaching courses or a consultation.

Please contact Gudrun for any of her services or additional information.

Contact Information:

Gudrun Penselin, M.Ed., M.Phys.Ed

Clinical Herbal Therapist, Certified Reflexologist, Bach Flower Practitioner, Certified Iridologist, Sclerologist, Light & Colour Therapist, Bio-Pulsar Reflexograph Analyst

Over 25 years of experience as a practitioner and teacher.