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Healing with Plant Spirit

“Chief Seattle taught that man belongs to the Earth.

Earth does not belong to Man.

Love the land as the newborn child loves his mother’s heartbeat.”

– Blackwolf Jones

Ancient cultures always recognized that plants have spirit and that each individual plant has its very own spirit. When plants are approached and treated with sincere gratitude and respect, and in a way that acknowledges them as spiritual, living beings, they are willing to share their spirit freely with us.

The spirit of the plants goes beyond the physical and emotional components of life, it reaches far deeper levels. The plant spirit communicates to these deeper levels in ourselves in subtle ways that we can learn to understand and gain great strength and support from.

Plant spirit imparts its wisdom and healing gifts upon us, strengthening our own connection to Mother Earth and providing us with the support we need to heal all aspects of ourselves – the physical, emotional and spiritual. It guides and assists us to deal with root causes of our challenges and imbalances, bringing inner peace and the strength to heal.

Plant spirits are special listeners in times of need, they are willing to be our friend, stand by our side and provide us with comfort and relief. They are always there for us. We need to understand, however, because plants are living beings with physical, emotional and spiritual needs that we need to treat them with respect, the respect they deserve. As they nurture us, we are asked to nurture them as well, just like in any true friendship. Their spirit can be suppressed and discouraged by the lack of respect and understanding of our race that frequently walks on this Earth like teenagers, self-absorbed and self-centered, primarily concerned with our own personal, selfish gain.

Connecting to plant spirit can become a powerful healing tool on a person’s Journey to Health; it requires that we recognize plants as living beings, equal to us, with their own unique intelligence and that we approach them with gratitude in a humble manner. We can bring plant spirit into our life in the form of energy or as herbal medicines and flower essences.

Connecting to plant spirit is an integral part of Gudrun’s practice and teachings.

Please contact Gudrun for any of her services or additional information.

Over 25 years of experience as a practitioner and teacher.