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Welcome to Journey to Health/Rainbow Healing

Of Interest is a place to visit often. Gudrun looks forward to keeping you up to date on upcoming workshops, classes, speaking engagements, and more. Thanks for dropping by!

Green blessings,


The strange and unsettling times continue in too many facets of life…

Please follow this link for important information:

Ask yourself, why it has become necessary to create a link in order to share relevant information on this platform.

I often have been thinking about “retiring” from Facebook – the only social media I have ever used. Compared to a few years ago, the number of people reached is minimal, which makes it hardly worth the effort. My preference is to share information that seems relevant rather than personal small talk. However, this has become increasingly difficult. True free speech is under great threat. Many topics have become taboo or one needs to find ways to avoid certain words that could potentially trigger mechanisms of control. This is not only sad but rather scary.

A survivor from the second world war is sharing her perspective on the current global developments in an interview. She has also produced a documentary which will start airing this coming Monday, January 30. I encourage you to take the time to watch both the interview and the documentary with an open mind. May this open your eyes to the harsh reality we live in and what there is potentially still to come. 

I would like to post the name of the survivor, the links to the interview and documentary directly on this page but if I would, chances are that the post would never be published. Just think about this for a moment what this truly means. Is this really the world you want to live in or the life you envision for your children and grand children?




“We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something.” Mother Teresa

“The Wisconsin School Phenomenon: Impact of fresh, healthy foods on learning and behaviour” The video is older but the message is still relevant and powerful.

In 1997 the Wisconsin School District started an experiment, introducing wholesome, preservative-free  nutrition for their students. Prior to the program the school was plagued with students dropping out and violence that required an on-staff police officer. After the introduction of the program, in a yearly survey required to be completed by schools, the school scored zero in the following five categories: dropouts – expulsions- drugs weapons and suicide. Out of 4,500 high school aged students only 16 (!) dropped out.

Why is it that nutrition is still not being given the attention and credit it deserves? We know the facts about the effects on overall health, learning ability and behaviour? How can children be expected to function properly in schools when they have no breakfast, reach for candy bars and fast foods during the day?…. If anything we put into our mouth/body does not provide the building blocks for the body to regenerate healthy cells, it should not be considered food. I wonder where the term “health food” comes from.

I strongly believe, that we owe it to our children (and ourselves of course) to provide them with the best foundation possible to succeed in life. Yet, society has the tendency to turn a blind eye to so many important facts. I encourage you to be strong, set an example for others and in this way, leave a positive footprint and make it easier for others to follow.

Green blessings,



“On the shortest day and the longest night…. keep your inner light shining bright.” – Nell Regan

Remember to keep the inner light shining, not only during Solstice, but every moment of every day. Staying connected to and honoring Mother Earth with gratitude and respect, will allow the inner light to stay strong and vibrant. In addition, your light is contagious, encouraging and supporting others who are struggling to keep or find their inner connection.
During this time, let’s remember to send thoughts of love, light, hope, peace and happiness to those who are less fortunate than we are. May our prayers be like stardust, reaching all corners of the universe.

Wishing each one of you a peaceful, relaxing and enjoyable holiday season.


Happy Holidays

Tossing & Turning Instead of Sleeping Peacefully?

“Be happy for this Moment. This Moment is your Life.” – Omar Khayyam

Many people are complaining about being challenged with sleep these days. Read on for a few useful hints to support restful sleep.

Sleep is complicated.

What works for one may not work for the next person. Also what has worked once may not work the next time.

  • Eliminate any stimulants such as coffee, black tea, sugar (especially at night)
  • If taken at night certain supplements such as vitamin C may have enough of a stimulating effect to interfere with sleep in some individuals
  • Peppermint, even though calming for the nervous system, has a stimulating effect on the metabolism and may interfere with sleep patterns in sensitive people
  • Allergies/sensitivities to foods and inhalants can be the culprit
  • Check your medications for potential side effects
  • Treat the underlying cause. Many dis-ease processes may interfere with proper sleep (blood sugar imbalances, adrenal fatigue…)
  • Getting up in the night to urinate may be a sign of kidney weakness in women and prostate issues in men
  • Minimize stress levels and over-excitement at night
  • Ensure adequate exercise during the day
  • If you wake up once again feeling like you have been run over by a truck, relax, breathe deeply, take a hot shower and know that you are going to make it through the day okay. Accepting the situation is half the battle, pondering and being upset about it is creating more unnecessary stress

Some HERBAL ALLIES are (alone or in combination):

  • Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) – one of my favorites
  • Lemon Balm (Melissa off.)
  • Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora)
  • Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) – Note: Adverse reactions to Chamomile are not uncommon
  • St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perfoliatum) – especially when (nerve) pain and/or depression are a factor
  • Rescue Remedy

NOTE: Commercial herbal sleep blends frequently contain peppermint (too stimulating at night for many) and hops (not recommended for anyone with tendency to depression).

You can create a nice blend of dried herbs with any of the above herbs and enjoy a cup of tea at night or take them as a tincture.

Questions or comments?

Contact me at 780-532-2464.


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Experience the pure and natural hydro-diffusion and micro-nebulization of essential oils! Under the influence of ultrasonic vibrations, essential oils floating on water are turned into millions of micro-particles as an aromatic mist which optimizes the properties of oils for health and well-being. With this ultrasonic diffuser, you can purify the air, slightly moisten the atmosphere and subtly spice up/medicate the environment of your living spaces.

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Thursday, November 24 @ Homesteader Health (Gateway)

One of my passions is teaching which includes sharing simple, yet effective tools of healing.
If you always wanted to learn how to make your own (healing) salve, the upcoming workshop is for you.
I will teach how to make infused oils from dried plant material, and how to use these oils for creating salves.

For information and to register, contact Homesteader Health at 780.539.8870.

Green Blessings,


I just wanted to clarify, that all in-stock items will remain on sale until the Christmas break beginning December 20. However, other than Black Friday, you will need to get in touch with me in order to coordinate schedules.
See you there,

“Even a wounded world is feeding us.
Even a wounded world holds us,
Giving us moments of wonder and joy.”
— Robin Wall Kimmerer