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Light & Colour Therapy - Healing from the Rainbow

“Real vision is the ability to see the invisible.”
– Jonathan Swift

What is Colour?

Photo by D. Sharon Pruitt
Our most important energy source is light, and the entire spectrum of colours is derived from light. Sunlight, which contains all the wavelengths, consists of the entire electromagnetic spectrum that we depend on to exist on this planet. The visible portion of these rays is only a small fraction of the entire electromagnetic spectrum.
We perceive light in many different ways, however primarily we perceive light as colour through our visual sense, the eyes. Each colour produces a specific energy related to its own vibrational frequency and affects each person accordingly on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. Light is like food to our body, it enters through the eyes and “fuels” our entire system.


What is Light & Colour Therapy?

Light and colour therapy is a way of using light and colour to the benefit of our well-being.

Many people are surprised to learn that light and colour can be used for our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being; in fact, light and colour have been used for a very long time.  Most of us have the tendency to take light and colour for granted, not thinking that these are elements essential for life. Colour preferences and dislikes are primarily reflected in the clothes we wear. We may also be aware of the intentional use of colour in fields such as interior decorating, advertising, psychology and science; however the majority of people are still surprised to find out that both colour and light may be used as a very gentle, yet powerful and effective tool of healing, assisting us in all walks of life on a daily basis.

If need be we can live without food for a limited period of time, for less time without water and for an even shorter period without light. Light can essentially be seen as food. Plants need light for the process of photosynthesis and as human beings we not only require light for the process of actual vision but indeed for the proper functioning of our metabolism as well as our emotional and spiritual well-being.

Since the visual portion of sunlight is made up of the colours of the rainbow, colour can be seen as a form of light. Each colour has a specific frequency and wavelength unique to it, causing different effects as a result. It is important to note that our response/reaction to colour is greatly influenced by our own personal experiences and our present physical, emotional and spiritual states. Therefore generalizations such as red is warming and energizing or blue is cooling and calming will not apply to every person. Colour experience is very individual and there is no right or wrong response.

Colour has the potential to access different levels of our consciousness including the sub-conscious. Since the true cause of dis-ease is rarely found in the physical alone, the use of light and colour can assist us greatly on our journey to a balanced life. The effects of colour are truly amazing! Following are just two examples of the effects of this miracle “food and medicine.”

Examples for the Use of Light Therapy

In 1958 Dr. Cremer form England showed that elevated serum bilirubin levels, causing jaundice in infants, could be lowered by exposing them to either sunlight or artificial blue light. Since then it is common practice to expose jaundiced babies to (blue) light.

According to research done by John Ott, salad grown under red light initially caused increased growth, followed by decreased or stunted growth. The plant produced a bitter tasting lettuce. Grapes grown under blue light produced stronger, bigger and better tasting fruit.

How to Work with Light & Colour

The rainbow of colours is truly a gift to humankind. Take advantage of it by bringing colour into your life in whichever way you can think of, i.e. food, colour bath, flowers, music, art … Be creative, the sky is the limit. Most of all have fun with it and watch your life unfold.

Colour Personality Test

The Colour Personality Test is a questionnaire that can be used as a tool to help you learn more about yourself. It gives insight into a person’s inner being and the knowledge of how to strengthen the weaker areas with the help of colour energy (i.e. colour bath, nutrition, visualization). It can be used as a supportive tool on a person’s JOURNEY TO HEALTH. For couples it may give valuable insights in the dynamics of the relationship.

Learn more about the Colour Personality Test »

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