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Course Descriptions

“Open hands can give.

Open eyes can care.

Open minds can learn.

Open hearts can share.”

– Author unknown

Course descriptions are listed in alphabetical order corresponding to the contents of the class, for example “Unfold to Your Full Potential” will appear under “Bach Flowers” and “Hands on Feet” under “Reflexology.”

Bach Flowers


In this workshop we will be discussing what the Bach Flower Remedies are, how they have been developed and how they work. You will learn how to incorporate these flower essences into your daily life, so that they may encourage true healing in a very safe and gentle, yet effective way, and assist you in unfolding to your full potential or simply support you through more stressful times.

The class integrates theory and practice allowing students to truly experience some of the effects of different Bach Flowers on an individual basis. There will be adequate time for questions and discussions. You will walk away from this class knowing that the Bach Flowers can truly make a positive difference in your life – like a newly found friend who accompanies you on your Journey to Health!


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

In this workshop you will learn the basic recipe for applying EFT in every day situations to help you deal with any challenging or stressful situation in a very effective way. The process is easy to memorize and is portable so you can do it anywhere.

EFT has been used to relieve pain, muscular tension, relationship conflicts, panic, anxiety, trauma, depression, insomnia, love pain, grief, addictions, nightmares, anger, allergies and much more. It is also an amazing performance enhancement tool for speakers, students, athletes, musicians and artists and it can enhance your spiritual practice. EFT is a powerful addition to your personal and professional healing tool kit.


Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine uses plants as medicines and is the most ancient art of healing known to man. According to the World Health Organization 85% of the world’s population still uses herbs as the main form of medical treatment.

Herbs, as the result of the combination of constituents as well as their individual constituents, have specific properties and therefore actions on the body. This knowledge is being utilized when working with individual herbs or formulations of several herbs. Herbs may be taken as a preventative measure to strengthen the body; in acute stages or chronic conditions herbs help to relieve symptoms and encourage the body in its own healing process.

The underlying principle of herbal medicine is to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms, therefore providing support as the body heals itself from any condition causing an imbalance. Herbalism, when practiced properly, will address the cause of dis-ease even though the suppression of symptoms may occasionally be necessary.

The courses being offered in herbal medicine range for example from Herbal Pharmacy (Medicine Making) to Herbs for Children, Herbal Allies for Stress Relief, Herbs for Pets.

Connecting to Plant Spirit is an integral part of most of these classes.


Light & Colour Therapy

Have you ever thought about the possibility that light & colour influence us greatly, physically, emotionally and spiritually? Our lives and well-being are truly dependent upon the sun. Life on Earth evolved under natural sunlight and has existed under that full spectrum of light that it contains. Many pre-historic tribes and even entire civilizations worshiped the sun for its healing powers, using its full spectrum of light to treat physical and mental challenges.

Think about the body as a car: A car’s engine requires fuel, oxygen and a spark for combustion, which makes the engine run. No fuel additives will solve the problem if the ignition system is not functioning properly. Our bodies require fuel, which is the food we eat, oxygen we breathe and a “spark” in the form of light to ignite the process of metabolism. No supplements will solve the problem if we are lacking the proper wave lengths of light and colour to create complete “combustion,” meaning metabolism.

During this evening or weekend you will learn some fascinating facts about how colour influences us and how it can be applied successfully for healing purposes. Through various exercises you will be able to experience the effects of light and colour – physically, emotionally as well as spiritually.  Light and colour are very simple, yet powerful tools that can be integrated easily into a person’s daily life.

Come to enjoy a colourful time, learn how to make light and colour part of your Journey to Health!



This class is an introduction to the ancient art of reflexology. Reflexology is a gentle, non-invasive form of healing applied primarily to the feet.  Reflexology deals with the underlying principle that we have reflexes in the feet that relate to every single cell of the body. Working these reflexes stimulates the body and assists it in maintaining and/or regaining balance.

From being an old folk remedy, reflexology has now been developed into a skillful, manual therapy, giving many people relief and benefit in their often fast paced and stressful lifestyle.

“Hands on Feet” will provide students with the knowledge and skills required to give a complete foot reflexology treatment. Theory and practice will be interwoven throughout the entire course. Hand reflexology and other healing modalities such as colour and light therapy will be discussed and included whenever time permits. Learn and enjoy this relaxing art as part of your “Journey to Health.”