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Bach Flowers Unfolding (2nd Edition) Card Deck

“Yet one Truth has mostly been forgotten. That those Herbs of the
field placed for Healing, by comforting, by soothing, by relieving our cares,
our anxieties, bring us nearer to the Divinity within. And it is that increase of the Divinity within which heals us.”

– Dr. Edward Bach

Bach Flowers Unfolding is an innovative, unique and exciting publication about the Bach Flowers, revealing new levels of information. It includes a deck of cards, one card for each Bach Flower, and a booklet with detailed instructions on how to use the cards as well as the remedies themselves.

The essence of Dr. Bach’s work has been preserved carefully but has been adapted to our changing times by including more metaphysical aspects such as the chakras, colours and number brought forth by each individual flower. In addition each card gives a detailed description of the respective flower essence in regards to the present state of mind and emotional circumstances a person is experiencing as well as the potentially transformed state. Exquisite full colour illustrations enhance the text.

The artwork and the text on each card work in unity and will assist anyone to re-connect to their soul essence, allowing healing to occur from deep within, and therefore moving closer to the light. The high vibrational frequencies of these cards are very powerful and may be used as a practical and functional healing tool by itself or in conjunction with the actual remedies.

The information provided has been given to me directly by the spirit of the flowers. I feel great gratitude towards Dr. Edward Bach and the flowers he used to design this powerful tool for true healing.

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