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Bach Flowers Unfolding (2nd Edition) Card Deck


BACH FLOWERS UNFOLDING Card Deck is a unique and practical tool for working with the Bach Flowers. It reveals new levels of information about the Bach Flower essences discovered and developed by Dr. Edward Bach. The information provided within this card deck has been channelled by the author while the essence of Edward Bach’s original work has been carefully preserved.

Each card includes exquisite full colour illustrations and details including a message from each respective flower and the primary focus. The companion book enhances this information with detailed descriptions about the present state of mind of a person and the potentially transformed state. The book provides suggestions on how to work with the cards, alphabetical lists and an explanation for the use of the actual remedies.

BACH FLOWERS UNFOLDING is easy and practical to use. It can be used alone or in addition to any healing modalities including Bach Flower therapy.

“I have been a client of Gudrun’s for over 23 years. Ever since she published the first edition of BACH FLOWERS UNFOLDING, the cards have become an essential part of my life. The deck is a “permanent fixture” on my night table and I work with it all the time, using the cards in a variety of ways. … What has never ceased to amaze me is the accuracy of the information provided AND how much guidance, support and healing I have received from the cards. I am truly grateful for all that Gudrun has done including the creation of Bach Flowers Unfolding and so much more.” – Gudrun’s Client (84 years)

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