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Well, I guess Coronavirus is still dominating the media, just with a different name. I yet have to hear anyone mention the importance of a strong immune system and how to go about it – keeping it strong or building it up. Once again, a wholesome diet and exercise to increase oxygenation in the body, are two easy and effective tools. Adding high dosages of vitamin C and raw garlic to your daily regime are also helpful. Apparently in China they are treating people with intravenous vitamin C. A link to that information will follow in another post.

I have turned my favourite bread recipe (no flour, gluten free, dairy free) into four small loaves instead of one big one. It works not only great but tastes fantastic. Prep time is short once you have the ingredients in your pantry. I am so grateful that this bread is also the favourite for my grand children. NOTE: bake time for the four small loaves is obviously shorter than in the recipe provided.

Ancient Grain, Seed, and Nut Loaf – Adapted from The Greenhouse Cookbook

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