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natural healing


Rosehips are from the Wild Rose (Rosa canina). They are especially high in vitamin C but also contain vitamin A, B1 and B2 in the pulp. Vitamin C was first discovered in Rosehips. Long before the discovery of vitamin C Rosehip tea was used for the common cold and locally for inflamed and bleeding gums.
Most animals are able to manufacture their own vitamin C but because of a lack of a major enzyme in the human liver, the human body is unable to manufacture its own vitamin C. This is why we need to ensure adequate vitamin C intake through our diet or supplements. Rosehips also help to maintain healthy collagen, the substance that holds trillions of cells together in our body.
Following are two of my favourite ways of preparing Rosehip tea:
1. My preference is to make a cold infusion and let it sit over night or at least a few hours before straining it. Cold infusions have the advantage of preserving the mineral content provided by the herbs.
2. Make a cold infusion and then slowly bring the infusion with the rosehips to simmer to make a decoction.
For instructions of the different water extractions such as cold infusions and decoctions I suggest you refer to disc 1 of the DVD “Herbal Pharmacy for Everyone”.


“We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something.” Mother Teresa

“The Wisconsin School Phenomenon: Impact of fresh, healthy foods on learning and behaviour” The video is older but the message is still relevant and powerful.

In 1997 the Wisconsin School District started an experiment, introducing wholesome, preservative-free  nutrition for their students. Prior to the program the school was plagued with students dropping out and violence that required an on-staff police officer. After the introduction of the program, in a yearly survey required to be completed by schools, the school scored zero in the following five categories: dropouts – expulsions- drugs weapons and suicide. Out of 4,500 high school aged students only 16 (!) dropped out.

Why is it that nutrition is still not being given the attention and credit it deserves? We know the facts about the effects on overall health, learning ability and behaviour? How can children be expected to function properly in schools when they have no breakfast, reach for candy bars and fast foods during the day?…. If anything we put into our mouth/body does not provide the building blocks for the body to regenerate healthy cells, it should not be considered food. I wonder where the term “health food” comes from.

I strongly believe, that we owe it to our children (and ourselves of course) to provide them with the best foundation possible to succeed in life. Yet, society has the tendency to turn a blind eye to so many important facts. I encourage you to be strong, set an example for others and in this way, leave a positive footprint and make it easier for others to follow.

Green blessings,



“Simple and effective” is one of my slogans.

POLARIX DISCS from Slovenia fall into this category.

Now AVAILABLE at MY OFFICE in 4 different sizes.

“Polarix is a logarithmic antenna designed according to the principles of Dr Georges Lakhovsky and Nikola Tesla. It is a copper disk for natural healing, capturing natural energy from the environment and enabling cells to regain “healthy” oscillation, which promotes self-healing.”

Testimonials from clients and personal experience attest to the effectiveness of this simple tool.

For more information email ( or call me 780.532.2464.


Gluten Free Scone Recipe

I suggest you start by cutting out wheat and increasing your vegetable and fruit intake. If you have a blender or juicer replace one of your regular meals with a liquid meal. You will be surprised about the difference this little change makes for your well-being. It is a matter of getting used to the changes and realizing how many options there really are.


Put into the food processor:

  • 3 ½ cups of almond meal or flour
  • 5 tablespoons of arrowroot flour
  • ½ cup honey
  • 4 tablespoons of coconut milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons wine vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon Himalayan salt
  • 6 tablespoons coconut oil
  • One-half cup or more of currants or dried pomegranate, blueberries or cherries and some crushed pecans, cashews or walnuts.

Mix well. Spoon drop 7 or 8 equal amounts of dough onto a coconut oil well-greased flat Pyrex dish. Round with your fingers into equal biscuit sized pieces and flatten with fingers, so that final scone is about ¾ to an inch thick. Bake at 350 degrees 20 minutes until nicely browned.

If you can resist, let them cool before you taste them!!! You may want to eat them with nut butter such as almond butter or hazelnut butter. If you eat dairy you can add a slice of “real” cheese (available at health food stores).



“One nature. We are nature. All people and all species.
We are interconnected with nature and with each other. What we do to the planet and its living creatures, we do to ourselves.”

The extreme forest fire season, once again, drives home the importance of making lifestyle choices that minimize our negative impact on the environment. Lots to be said about this but I want to focus on how you can protect yourself from the potential damaging effects of the smoke so many of us are inhaling these days.

The most obvious area of our body that are affected are the respiratory tract (sinuses, throat, bronchials and lungs) as well as the eyes. However, the long-term effects are not limited to these systems.

The exposure to smoke over extended periods of times creates irritation and inflammation to the tissues of our body. Many, many toxins are part of the smoke we are breathing in.

What to do?

1. The obvious is to reduce outdoor activities and close windows.
2. DIET: Avoid all foods you know you are sensitive to as well as mucous forming foods. For many people dairy, refined sugar and wheat are known to cause extra mucous. However, depending on the individual, any food may trigger this response. A health-giving diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts, green smoothies and vegetable juices will provide the greatest support. Eliminate all junk food. Anything that does not provide the building blocks required by the body to regenerate healthy cells, should not be considered as food. There is no such thing as health foods. Food supports the body in regenerating healthy cells, if it does not, it should not be considered food!
3. WATER: Drink plenty of good water, stay hydrated.
4. SUPPLEMENTS: Vitamins C (high dosages), A (beta carotene in high dosages) and E
5. HERBS: Herbs to support and soothe the respiratory system are high in mucilage. They may be enjoyed as a tea, if desired sweetened with honey, or if used fresh as a juice. Some examples are: Plantain (Plantago spp.), Marshmallow – root/leaf- (Althea off.), Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) or the seaweed, Irish Moss (Chondrus crispus).
6. ESSENTIAL OILS: diffused in the air with a diffuser or as a steam inhalation, for example Thyme, Oregano, Clove, Spruce, Pine, Lavender and Eucalyptus. These essential oils have antimicrobial properties and the ones from evergreen trees exert their healing effect especially on the respiratory tract.
7. PLANTS: Plants can help clean the air of pollutants. Different plants have different capabilities, both re: the type and amount of pollutants they clean.
8. AIR PURIFIERS: Negative ions neutralize pollutants to some degree.
9. SORE THROAT: Drink hot lemon juice with honey. Gargle with sea salt and warm water or sage tea.
10. EYES: My favorite herb for eyes as an eye wash is Eyebright (Euphrasia off.). Other possibilities are Chamomile or Fennel. Make a tea with either one of them, strain extremely well and either use with an eye cup or soak small pieces of sterilized fabric in the tea and lay on closed eye lids. Any of these applications will be very soothing and rejuvenating to the eyes. Make sure that the tea you are using is sterile. You can keep the tea in the fridge in a sealed glass jar for up to three days.

I hope this helps. Enjoy the summer despite the adversities.

Green Blessings,



This year seems to be especially bad for people getting stung by bees or bit by wasps. I know of many people who have been affected, including myself, and ouch, it really hurts. With the help of Mother Nature I was fortunately able to avert a potentially severe reaction.

Always remember PLANTAIN (Plantago major or minor) in any situation involving insect bites. If you cannot find Plantain, the leaves of FIREWEED (Epilobium)/Chamerion angustifolium) can be used instead.

Pick a few leaves, CHEW them up until they become moist, and immediately apply to the area of concern. Hold the leaves in place as long as needed. You may need to replace the poultice with fresh leaves after a while. It is amazing how well this simple “trick” works and how good it feels.

NOTE: For best results, you have to actually chew the leaves rather than just crushing them with your hands because your saliva activates the action of the plant. If you have the tendency to an allergic reaction, increase your vitamin C intake and drink Stinging Nettle tea (anti-allergenic; anti-histamine) at the same time. For a description of Plantain and additional information, check out my post from June 1, 2019.

Green Blessings


I am grateful to Mother Earth for sharing so many treasures with us. This time of the year provides great opportunities to show our appreciation and support for the Earth. Despite the relentless abuse and exploitation, we continue to be blessed with her beauty and abundance. The big question is, for how much longer though if humankind refuses to change course.

Chickweed with its little white flowers is one of my favourite herbs in the summer. It is a staple in our daily diet. The grand kids enjoy picking and eating it straight, we add it to salads, green smoothies, the Jungle Juice, scrambled eggs and whenever we feel like some fresh greens.

The fresh leaves can be used as a poultice for inflammations, ulcers, abscesses. The poultice has an anti-itching effect.

Enjoy and happy herballing this summer.

CHICKWEED – Stellariia media – Caryophylaceae

Whole plant (aerial parts)

All year round; preferably younger plants

High in Vitamin C & A, minerals

Primarily used EXTERNALLY
Itchy, irritated skin (i.e. chickenpox, eczema)
Wounds (cuts, abrasions)
Soothing to eyes (red or swollen eyes)

Conditions of respiratory system incl. coughs, colds etc.
Soothing and cleansing to entire system

Infusion (internal/external application)
Juice – Ointments/salves – Food

Vulnerary – Emollient – Anti-rheumatic

Very mild herb – Great as food – Can be eaten in large quantities

As always, green blessings,|




“The further society drifts away from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” – George Orwell

Surprised that we are facing the next global health crisis?

Would  you be surprised to find out:

•  that our government posted a request for tenders for the development of a “jab” relevant to this current “outbreak” PRIOR to the announcement of the first case of the monkey business? (see link below)

•  that over one year ago (March 2021) there was an international bio-security conference in Munich where participants held a table top simulation of a global pandemic involving this latest disease that is apparently spreading across the globe? According to the conference’s published schedule of future events the first case was to be reported mid May of 2022. Co-incidence? (see link below)

Remember the importance of educating yourself outside of mainstream media and that the emotions of fear and anger are strong suppressants of our immune system.

Green blessings, Gudrun


“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” – Albert Camus

Did you know that in less than two weeks there will be an important vote at the WHO that, if passed, will have far reaching consequences for our future? The International Health Regulations amendments could literally end national sovereignty.

As always, I encourage you to educate yourself and come to your own conclusions. For more information on this and other topics, follow this link.

Finally the trees are starting to shimmer green and the frogs are croaking, announcing the late arrival of spring

Green Blessings,


Have a Wonderful Mother’s Day