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This year seems to be especially bad for people getting stung by bees or bit by wasps. I know of many people who have been affected, including myself, and ouch, it really hurts. With the help of Mother Nature I was fortunately able to avert a potentially severe reaction.

Always remember PLANTAIN (Plantago major or minor) in any situation involving insect bites. If you cannot find Plantain, the leaves of FIREWEED (Epilobium)/Chamerion angustifolium) can be used instead.

Pick a few leaves, CHEW them up until they become moist, and immediately apply to the area of concern. Hold the leaves in place as long as needed. You may need to replace the poultice with fresh leaves after a while. It is amazing how well this simple “trick” works and how good it feels.

NOTE: For best results, you have to actually chew the leaves rather than just crushing them with your hands because your saliva activates the action of the plant. If you have the tendency to an allergic reaction, increase your vitamin C intake and drink Stinging Nettle tea (anti-allergenic; anti-histamine) at the same time. For a description of Plantain and additional information, check out my post from June 1, 2019.

Green Blessings

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