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The following article BREAST CANCER INFORMATION was written by David Christopher, Master Herbalist and director of The School of Natural Healing.

Bottom line: Pay attention to your diet – “clean and green” will provide the building blocks for your body to regenerate healthy cells.

Breast Cancer Information

waterfallEarly detection of breast cancer is good, but prevention is better. Accurate diagnosis is essential. However, I’m sorry to say that mammography is not an accurate diagnostic tool. Medical professionals claim that mammography correctly identifies 78% of women who have breast cancer, but they seldom mention the 20 plus percent of false positive readings, which jumps to 50 plus percent after 10 years of screening. Nor do they mention the 17 plus percent of false negative readings. This simply means that around one fifth of women may be told they have breast cancer when they don’t or that they do not have breast cancer when they do. Either scenario can result in trauma or death.

Safe diagnosis is also essential. Pressing a woman’s breast between two metal plates and irradiating it 40 times more than a chest x-ray every year is not safe. Most people would receive a chest X-Ray only once in a lifetime.

Cancer starts from damaged cells, and the radiation from mammograms causes cellular damage. Many things we live with today cause cellular damage such as chemicals, cell phones, and pollution and organic causes like bacteria and viruses.

One example is the virus SV-40 which was hotly debated in the 1970’s as a cause of cancer. Although scientists, employed or influenced by the pharmaceutical industry, dismissed this scenario, today autopsies on cancers frequently detect the presence of this SV-40 virus. This virus was found in the vaccines that were being forced on children during the 1960’s. The “S” stands for simian monkeys, on whose tissues the vaccines were grown. The “V” stands for virus and the 40 indicates that it was the 40th contaminant virus found in the vaccines. Studies in the seventies showed that rats developed cancer after exposure to the SV-40 virus. Subsequent experiments showed a prolific growth of the virus colonies after radiation exposure. If this scenario is correct, wouldn’t radiation exposure from mammograms propagate this virus? This virus damages cells and has been shown to cause cancer.

Our government was so concerned with this information that NIH predicted an epidemic of cancer. With this dire prediction, President Nixon declared war on cancer and billions of dollars were earmarked for that war. Although he predicted a future 10 year victory, we still have an epidemic which worsens every year. Cancer is predicted to eclipse cardiovascular disease as the number one killer in the near future. There is only one winner in this cancer epidemic and that is the huge medical complex which pulls in trillions of dollars in private and government funds.

We want to prevent cancer and all society comparative studies show a link to proper diet and an absence of cancers. For example, breast cancer is rare in Chinese women unless they adopt American eating habits.

You will avoid cancer if you eat live fresh produce and reject animal based foods and highly processed grains and sugars.

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