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The strange and unsettling times continue in too many facets of life…

Please follow this link for important information:

Ask yourself, why it has become necessary to create a link in order to share relevant information on this platform.

I often have been thinking about “retiring” from Facebook – the only social media I have ever used. Compared to a few years ago, the number of people reached is minimal, which makes it hardly worth the effort. My preference is to share information that seems relevant rather than personal small talk. However, this has become increasingly difficult. True free speech is under great threat. Many topics have become taboo or one needs to find ways to avoid certain words that could potentially trigger mechanisms of control. This is not only sad but rather scary.

A survivor from the second world war is sharing her perspective on the current global developments in an interview. She has also produced a documentary which will start airing this coming Monday, January 30. I encourage you to take the time to watch both the interview and the documentary with an open mind. May this open your eyes to the harsh reality we live in and what there is potentially still to come. 

I would like to post the name of the survivor, the links to the interview and documentary directly on this page but if I would, chances are that the post would never be published. Just think about this for a moment what this truly means. Is this really the world you want to live in or the life you envision for your children and grand children?

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