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Buyer beware – Chemicals everywhere!

The increased use of chemicals in our food and any product we use has reached unacceptable levels. The toxic load effects our body, mind, emotion and spirit in so many different ways plus we have individual reactions. Many times the specific culprit is difficult to pinpoint and frequently the cause is a combination of factors.

Follow the link to an article about the additive methylisothiazolinone, a widely used preservative known to cause allergic reactions. Please share the information freely!

Growing Scrutiny For An Allergy Trigger Used In Personal Care Products
by Rachel Abrams

While some consumer products companies are removing the chemical, methylisothiazolinone, others are adding it to offerings including mouthwash.

Over 200 articles about the allergy problems with methylisothiazolinone, one of over 500,000 toxic chemicals thrown into everything. If it causes allergies it causes inflammation and irritation and maybe in 20 or 50 years it will be known as another carcinogenic.  Read more »

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