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Despite the amount of rain and cool temperatures, some plants have done very well this year. So many plants and vegetables give us food and pleasure during the summer but I often wonder how we can make use of their precious gifts all year round. So this year I decided to harvest some of my Nasturtium leaves and flowers, both of which are edible. I created a colourful “Nasturtium butter” by cutting some flowers and leaves into fine pieces and mixing them together with some lime zest into softened butter. This will be a special treat for the winter months. I also dried some of the leaves which can be used in a tea to sooth a cough or cold. As a powder the leaves will add a peppery flavour will to many dishes.

For the first time this year I have been using a food dehydrator to dry some of my herbs. The humidity in the air has made it almost impossible to air dry herbs the conventional way – on drying racks or hanging them up by the stem.

Happy harvesting and green blessings,


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