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ANCIENT GRAIN BREAD – Feedback to Comments

I am happy to see how many of you are expressing an interest in the bread. This bread is pretty well the only bread I eat anymore. Even though the list of ingredients looks overwhelming, it really only takes 1/2 hour to prepare prior to the baking process. Following are my feedback and additional pointers.

– While the first 6 ingredients (sunflower seeds to amaranth seeds) are toasted in the oven, combine the remaining ingredients (oats to sea salt) – easy!
– Mix together and add liquid – done!
– As I am preparing the dried ingredients, I mix a second batch already to store in the fridge in two separate containers. This means every second loaf takes only 15-20 minutes to prepare.
– GLUTEN: I know of many people who react severely to gluten and they are able to enjoy this bread without any problems.
– INGREDIENTS: all of them can be easily found in Grande Prairie, I buy mine at the health food store but I am sure you can find most of them at other grocery stores as well.
– MOISTURE: I have never encountered this problem. Once you mix the wet ingredients into the dry ones, the “dough” will be quite moist. If you find it is “wet”, you can add a few extra oats for example. You may need to let the bread sit a bit longer before baking it. This step cannot be cut short. I would say, the bread needs at least 10 hours in the bread pan before baking. Make sure the oven is hot enough and that you bake it long enough. I bought a glass baking pan that is longer and narrower (10 x 4.5 inches) compared to the regular size ones.

Hope this helps.

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