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Jungle Juice


Words cannot do justice to all the things that mothers do and mean to the world; therefore only a toast to all mothers in the world.

CHEERS with my famous Jungle Juice to all of the precious, invaluable mothers.

As I savor the juice, I give thanks to the elements and the Earth while sending out hope, love, peace and health to all those less fortunate than us. ENJOY the day!

Green Blessings,




Thank you for your interest in my signature drink. Here is the information and recipe you were asking for. The u-tube video, demonstrating how to create this delicious concoction, is a segment taken from my DVD, Herbal Pharmacy for Everyone. A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Own Herbal Preparations. The DVD is available from my website, or you can contact me directly.

Jungle Juice Recipe

Happy herbaling and green blessings,




My very own JUNGLE JUICE video is on YouTube now!

Remember: start the day out right with the JUNGLE JUICE. JUNGLE JUICE provides an instant increase in vitality.

The nutrients are easily assimilated and every single cell of your body will benefit and feel its revitalizing and nutritional effect. It is true “Cell Food!”

Green drinks, using fresh plant materials, provide concentrated nutrition full of enzymes to the body. They are easily absorbed and provide vital building blocks to the body for the (re)generation of healthy tissue. The nutritional value will vary with the choice of ingredients and is enhanced by the addition of fresh ginger root. Both Ginger and honey serve as “carriers” for the herbal ingredients.

Watch the video: