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Therapeutic Properties


FLU SEASON is just around the corner. Protect yourself and your family with the FLU SEASON SPECIAL of 4 homeopathic remedies available at my office.

1. Vitamin D drops (vegetarian)
2. Immune system support
3. Anti-bacterial formula
4. Anti-viral formula

Cost: $85 including GST for all 4 (savings of over 20%). Suitable for children.

In addition you can take some preventative measures in order to enjoy perfect health throughout this season.

1. NUTRITION – Eat a wholesome diet with lots of vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts; enjoy one liquid meal a day (green smoothie or vegetable juice). Avoid all foods that stress the immune system such as sugar, any processed foods and allergens. Dairy creates mucous in most people so it is best to reduce or eliminate it from the diet. Make your foods your medicines and your medicines your food.
2. REST – Ensure adequate rest in order to be able to recharge your batteries adequately. Avoid getting run down. Listen to your body.
3. EXERCISE – Exercise among others increases oxygenation in the body and disease causing organism typically do not like an oxygenated environment.
4. STRESS REDUCTION – Take time for yourself and do something that feeds your own spirit every day even if it is only for a few minutes. Remember health is not only the absence of disease. Our physical well-being depends on the harmony of all aspects – spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.
5. STAY WARM – Adequate clothing during the winter months to stay warm allows the body to use its energy for vital functions rather than diverting it to create heat. We lose a lot of heat through the head. When I travelled in India in 1974 in a mountainous area where it was very cold at night, it was interesting to see that everyone was wearing a toque even if they had bare feet.


The oil is made from Calendula officinalis often referred to as Marigold. Many plants are called Marigold and therefore the Latin name is required for correct identification.

Why not plant some Calendula this year in your garden? The flowers are bright yellow and orange and have many therapeutic properties. It is easy to grow and harvest. The oil can be made into a healing salve which is a favorite of many of my clients.


anti-inflammatory – wound healing – anti-fungal – anti-bacterial/anti-microbial – anti-septic

Calendula oil is used topically and primarily used in SKIN CARE because of its great anti-inflammatory and wound healing actions.



The oil helps to moisturize the skin, soothes the area and reduces pain.
Conditions: diaper rash, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, minor cuts and wounds, bed sores, insect bites, frost bites


Athlete’s foot, ring worm and jock itch


Swelling from injuries i.e. sprained muscles and bruises, leg ulcers, spider and varicose veins.


Applied externally for abdominal cramps and constipation.