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Spring Greens

STINGING NETTLE – Great Spring Vegetable but BEWARE

“In early spring, anxious for some fresh greens, my friend Paula and her husband Dennis went to harvest some Earthy greens including Stinging Nettle. Due to circumstances lunch was missed. Paula had a variety of vegetables and grains for supper and added a helping of Stinging Nettle. Dennis on the other hand chose to only eat plates full of steamed Stinging Nettle enjoying them thoroughly. But alas during the night he was awakened by funny numbing sensations. These developed into localized paralysis that moved from one area to the next. After a scary night he was only too happy when the rising sun brought an end to his unusual experience. The moral of the story is: Don’t eat too many steamed nettles alone on an empty stomach because even with heat they’ll sting you numb.”

The above is a true testimonial; nevertheless I encourage you to enjoy the bountiful palette of wild spring greens this year. Watch for the next post with a recipe for Nettles.

Green Blessings,