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Mother Nature

Herbal Pharmacy in the Winter

Even in the depth of winter Mother Nature provides and shares her magical gifts. The aroma of the oil I created with spruce and pine needles is incredible. The end product is a body butter which is soft as silk and a pure delight for the senses.

I am so grateful to be able to connect with the Earth in this way during the winter months.

Green blessings from under a blanket of snow,



My LEAP OF FAITH that has taken me into the public arena of radio interviews has been interesting and fun. After having been interviewed on several radio shows across the U.S., from New York to California, (sometimes for almost an hour) over the past few months, the next interview is coming up this Wednesday September 23.

Since every host has a different agenda it is almost impossible to prepare for an interview, which of course, makes for an exciting experience. One of my primary goals, as always, is to create awareness about Mother Earth and the need to support her in her much needed healing.

Green Blessings,


Dr. Pat Sulak, Med school professor, speaker & author of “Should I Fire My Doctor”, joins me along with Gudrun Penselin, herbalist, natural medicine & reflexology practitioner.

Tune-In 3:00pm CT at

This Week’s Guests On The Sports Doctor – Dr. Pat Sulak & Gudrun Penselin

Mother Nature in Your Home

The abundance and beauty of the Earth at this time of the year in the Peace Country is amazing. I encourage you to bring some of the magic of Mother Earth into your home by adding the wild greens to your food, preparing a cup of tea with fresh plants or harvesting and drying herbs for later use. Goldenrod is one of those amazing herbs you can see everywhere right now.

Goldenrod is a fairly tall plant with beautiful, vibrant golden-yellow flowers. You will find it in dry woodlands, forest clearings and roadsides.

The Latin name Solidago originates from “solidus” & “ago,” Solidus, meaning “healthy and strong,” and ago meaning “to make whole.” Both of these terms refer to the plant’s ability to heal wounds.

Some common names for Goldenrod from various cultures also give an indication for its medicinal use as a wound healing herb, for example in Germany the herb is often called “Fastening Herb”. In fact in ancient German history Goldenrod was gathered as a wound herb before engaging in battle, just in case it was needed.

However, the focus today for its use has shifted from a wound healing aid, to a very reliable herb to support the kidneys. It promotes the elimination of urine and is applied for acute as well as chronic conditions of the kidneys and bladder including inflammation. In addition, it has been found to support the body during times of upper respiratory infections, especially when dealing with a chronic situation.

For medicinal purposes the leaves and flowers (early flowering stage) are being harvested and may be used fresh or dried. The fresh leaves and flowers can be used for wound healing or made into a tea, which can also be used as a wound wash. The dried herb may be used in the form of a tea as well but also as a tincture. A tincture is an alcoholic extract of a plant and is more concentrated than an herbal tea. The “crafty” person might want to try to use the flowers as a natural dye.

This summer Goldenrod has been brightening up the landscape in so many places and the quality of it has been superb. Many times you will find it being “infested” with many small bugs, but this year the only insects I have watched enjoying the bright, yellow flowers are butterflies and bees!

  • If you are not sure how to prepare the herbs, remember that the DVD Herbal Pharmacy for Everyone provides clear and easy to follow instructions, teaching a great variety of herbal preparations. Check my website for more information.
  • Also remember the Herb Walk on August 20 if you would like to learn more about local plants and their medicinal properties.


This information is not intended for the use of diagnosing any disease, condition or prescribing any treatment whatsoever. The use of any of the herbs and preparations is the sole responsibility of each individual and does not replace the services and advice of a medical practitioner and qualified healthcare provider. Consult a qualified healthcare professional before making medical decisions or if you have questions about your individual medical situation. No responsibility is assumed should the information be used in place of a licensed medical practitioner’s services.