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DVD: Herbal Pharmacy for Everyone

Jungle Juice Recipe

Thank you for your interest in my signature drink. Here is the information and recipe you were asking for. The u-tube video, demonstrating how to create this delicious concoction, is a segment taken from my DVD, Herbal Pharmacy for Everyone. A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Own Herbal Preparations. The DVD is available from my website, or you can contact me directly.

Click link below for recipe:

Jungle Juice

Happy herbaling and green blessings,



Marketing tour quickly coming to an end

Herbs and Herbal Communities are sprouting everywhere. Whatever nature provides for us cannot be taken away from us. My marketing tour is quickly coming to an end. I am happy to say that both the book “Healing Spirituality” as well as the DVD “Herbal Pharmacy for Everyone” have been very well received by many libraries along the way. The Vancouver Island Herb Conference provided a great opportunity to connect with many fantastic people. A weekend of peace and harmony among like-minded folks. Great times and a big thank you to my dear friend Lana who did a marvelous job at my vendor table!

Green Blessings,


Rosehips are from the Wild Rose (Rosa canina).
They are especially high in vitamin C but also contain vitamin A, B1 and B2 in the pulp. Vitamin C was first discovered in Rosehips. Long before the discovery of vitamin C Rosehip tea was used for the common cold and locally for inflamed and bleeding gums.

Most animals are able to manufacture their own vitamin C but because of a lack of a major enzyme in the human liver, the human body is unable to manufacture its own vitamin C. This is why we need to ensure adequate vitamin C intake through our diet or supplements. Rosehips also help to maintain healthy collagen, the substance that holds trillions of cells together in our body.


Following are two of my favourite ways of preparing Rosehip tea:

1. My preference is to make a cold infusion and let it sit over night or at least a few hours before straining it. Cold infusions have the advantage of preserving the mineral content provided by the herbs.
2. Make a cold infusion and then slowly bring the infusion with the rosehips to simmer to make a decoction.

For instructions of the different water extractions such as cold infusions and decoctions I suggest you refer to disc 1 of the DVD “Herbal Pharmacy for Everyone”.

STAYING COOL with the help of HERBS!

Cold infusions (water infusions) are a great way to quench the thirst and cool down during the summer heat. They are easy and fast to prepare and at the same time delicious.

Cold infusions can be made with dried or fresh herbs and are of great benefit. See the recipe below or the DVD, disc one, chapter “Infusions”.

One of my favorite herbs to use is dried HIBISCUS flowers. They colour the water deep red and make a most refreshing drink. Add fresh lemon and ice cubes and you have the prefect drink. For an additional cooling effect you may want to add spearmint or peppermint leaves. Be creative and find your favorite combination.

You don’t need to use Hibiscus flowers, you can just make the drink with any fruit, herbs and spices depending on your personal preferences. This is the time to forage in the wild and add those lush green herbs for food and medicine to your daily menu. For example, you may want to add Chickweed and Fireweed to your drinks (and salads). Fireweed flowers add not only flavour, but also provide food for the soul, visually and spiritually.

ENJOY! Feel free to share your favorite recipes here.

  1. Place herbs in a glass, ceramic or stainless steel container
  2. Add cold water (NOT city water!)
  3. Cover with a lid to avoid pollutants or insects from falling into it
  4. Let sit for 30 minutes to several hours at room temperature (personal taste preference)
  5. Strain
  6. If desired add natural sweetener or lemon for flavor
  7. Drink cold

Green blessings,


I took a leap of faith and have landed in a whole new world of international marketing opportunities, starting in New York. Recently I was a guest on a two hour live radio talk show in New York discussing the DVD and the broader message of the importance of respecting and being connected to the Earth. I am happy and excited to know that the DVD “HERBAL PHARMACY FOR EVERYONE” & “BACH FLOWERS UNFOLDING” will be shared with much wider audiences through radio, TV and magazines. Finally my efforts are beginning to bear fruits.

A big THANK YOU to all of you have have supported me, believed in me and encouraged me – in whichever way – in this dream. A very special THANK YOU to my children who have been there for me at all times and “pushed” me to take this leap of faith.

WHAT A TREAT – Medicine making outside at the beginning of April!

I am straining an infused oil of Calendula flowers and will create a salve from it later.

Watch the next post for the use of Calendula oil…

You can find more on how to make an infused and salves on the 2nd disc of my DVD: Herbal Pharmacy for Everyone.

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