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Bamboo Device


Device now available for purchase

I believe, that connecting to the spirit of plants has always been important; however, during these turbulent and surreal times, nurturing this connection is even more relevant.

After my TEDx talk two years ago, I decided to “reward myself” with the “Music of the Plants” device. The device translates the frequencies of plants into music. It is an incredible feeling to literally hear the plants, exploring the differences in the music various plants, including grasses and trees, create. The device has helped to create awareness about the fact that plants are living beings, resulting in people looking at the plant world through different eyes.

I am happy to say, that I am now selling the Bamboo M device in Canada. Please contact me if you would like further information. 780.532.2464 or

The BAMBOO M DEVICE is ideal for listening to the music of the plants wherever you go. It allows you to create your own music scenario options and manage musical parameters by customizing the instrument (over 100 possibilities) such as the musical scale, the frequency (440, 432, 426.7 Hz), chorus, reverberation etc.

Green blessings,