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Welcome to Journey to Health

Our Journey to Health requires that we get involved in our own healing – physically, emotionally and spiritually – which will lead to unfolding to our full potential. Subsequently
the result will be the much needed healing of the Earth. Everybody wins!



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Healing Spirituality won a book award and Bach Flower Mandalas is a finalist in the 1st Annual Body, Mind, Spirit Book Awards ®.

“Your book truly embodies the excellence that our award was created to celebrate; we congratulate you for this fine work!”  – Body, Mind, Spirit Book Awards®

The list of winners and finalists are highlighted on the Body, Mind, Spirit Book Awards® website.
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Tuesday November 15, 2016 – One Day Only!

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HEALING SPIRITUALITY serves as a practical guide and working tool for the implementation of Bach Flowers into a person’s daily life. Edward Bach’s original work has been carefully preserved, but the increase in the vibrational frequencies of the Earth affects the information and healing potential brought forth by the Bach Flowers. Therefore, the information has been adjusted to the changes occurring on the planet at this time. Learn more »

“Gudrun has been a healer, a support and a teacher in my life for many years in her alternative health practice.  My health, the health of my family, and my growing sense of self have all been altered and deepened in very positive ways during our work together and the courses I have taken with her.  She has a broad spectrum of knowledge balanced by respect and a deep intuitive sense of people’s needs or individual potential for growth. Read full testimonial »

Exciting news – My coloring book HEALING WITH BACH FLOWER MANDALAS has arrived!!

Now available in Grande Prairie – More details »

Once again, Gudrun has been busy working behind the scenes.

“I feel very blessed because this project is a joint venture with my daughter Yana-Lee. Yana-Lee has created all the wonderful illustrations and if all goes well the book will enter the next production phase by the end of this week. Hopefully the book will be available by the beginning of November.

Stay tuned for updates and please help get the word out about both of my very newly-released books, HEALING SPIRITUALITY – A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING AND WORKING WITH BACH FLOWERS and HEALING WITH BACH FLOWER MANDALAS. Both provide marvelous tools for personal growth and healing in very simple yet effective ways. Thank you for your support. Green blessings,”  – Gudrun



“We were created to love and be loved.”
– Mother Teresa